Honeymoon in Madagascar

Lemurs in Madagascar

In November 2015 we travelled to Madagascar for our HONEYMOON!! I can’t quite remember just how Madagascar came about, we had been looking at a map and shortlisting places we’d like to visit, somehow Madagascar made the list and it beat freezing at the North Pole, so we booked the trip!

Scottish Summer Wedding

Dora and Michael Aldridge

The day we got married in the beautiful settings of the Scottish countryside. Perfect day with the best of friends and family.

India’s Golden Triangle

Baby monkey at the Monkey Temple

Our trip to India came about in a bit of an abstract way, it was the Easter holidays and we fancied a break, we had a set budget and took a trip to the travel agents, our brief was to get as far away as possible for as little money as possible. A few weeks later we were jumping on a plane India, an interesting choice for a Michael who really doesn’t like curry…