Dad’s 60th Adventure

Ever since I was born, myself and my dad have shared a Birthday. What better way to celebrate his 60th than an adventure around Bolivia and Peru, South America.

Honeymoon in Madagascar

In November 2015 we travelled to Madagascar for our HONEYMOON!! I can’t quite remember just how Madagascar came about, we had been looking at a map and shortlisting places we’d like to visit, somehow Madagascar made the list and it beat freezing at the North Pole, so we booked the trip!

East Coast Bike Tour – Australia

In 2009 I travelled halfway around the world seeking an adventure; Australia turned out the be an awesome destination with beautiful landscapes, plenty of fun activities and the friendliest people on the planet. Yet, I fell into the trap that so many backpackers do of repeating the same journey and route as so many before me. […]

Five Deadly Minutes in Australia

You think Australia is full of highly poisonous & deadly animals? Well you’d be right, but you’ll need to get into the Outback to find them!