Dad’s 60th Adventure

Michael and Malcolm Rurrenabaque

Ever since I was born, myself and my dad have shared a Birthday. What better way to celebrate his 60th than an adventure around Bolivia and Peru, South America.

Honeymoon in Madagascar

Lemurs in Madagascar

In November 2015 we travelled to Madagascar for our HONEYMOON!! I can’t quite remember just how Madagascar came about, we had been looking at a map and shortlisting places we’d like to visit, somehow Madagascar made the list and it beat freezing at the North Pole, so we booked the trip!

East Coast Bike Tour – Australia

East Coast Bike Tour - Australia

In 2009 I travelled halfway around the world seeking an adventure; Australia turned out the be an awesome destination with beautiful landscapes, plenty of fun activities and the friendliest people on the planet. Yet, I fell into the trap that so many backpackers do of repeating the same journey and route as so many before me. […]

Five Deadly Minutes in Australia

Five Deadly Minutes in Australia

You think Australia is full of highly poisonous & deadly animals? Well you’d be right, but you’ll need to get into the Outback to find them!