Indonesia Island Hopping

Ijen Volcano, from our travels around Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country with an estimated population of over 261 million! Over 5 weeks, our goal was to visit the best known of the islands including Java, Bali, Flores and Sumatra.

Flying visit to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

Big Three of Singapore, Sentosa & Malaysia

Both firmly country folk not city lovers, however, arriving from Thailand we looked forward to the first world comforts we felt Singapore had to offer.

All Smiles in Thailand

Asian Elephant Close Up

Thailand is a victim of its own virtue’s as tourists have invaded, but if you put in the effort then Thailand is one of our favourite places in the world.

Top Travel Moments

Top Moments from Travelling the World

Our favourite moments from all our travels and adventures around the world.

Australia – The Land Down Under

Dora at home on Australian Beach

Campervan Adventure up Australia’s East Coast over 3 months. Taking in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Darwin.

Packing to Travel the World

Packing to Travel the World

Packing our backpacks to travel the world was a tricky affair. We knew we could be away for over a year, would be travelling across many borders and exploring climates from the Tropics to the Antarctic. Each item we packed required careful consideration. We’re rather pleased with our choices so decided to write this ‘How-to Guide’ to answer the question we get asked the most. “What did you pack to travel the world?” We intend to refer to this list ourselves for future adventures.

New Zealand’s South Island – Kia Ora

New Zealand, South Island

New Zealand’s South Island is such a beautiful place with its colossal landscapes & sense of adventure. We had one month to explore these beautiful islands.

New Zealand’s North Island – Sweet as Bro!

New Zealand, North Island

New Zealand at last, hurrah, we’re going to see the home of the Hobbits, bizarre wildlife, friendly people and epic landscapes! We had high hopes that New Zealand would be a breath of fresh air and familiarity for the next leg of our trip…

Dad’s 60th Adventure

Dad's 60th Birthday Adventure

Ever since I was born, myself and my dad have shared a Birthday. What better way to celebrate his 60th than an adventure around Bolivia and Peru, South America.

Clouds of Machu Picchu

Clouds of Machu Picchu in Peru

Being in Peru, Machu Picchu was not a sight we were going to miss. The trip also happened to coincide with a couple of Aldridge birthdays! Michael and his dad both share a birthday and with Malcolm visiting us for his 60th, the day had to be a memorable one! What’s more memorable than checking off another ‘Wonder of the World’ eh?!